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Colby Fichtel
Colby joined our staff after a very brief stint as a volunteer in 2005.  We needed him in a hurry and he did an outstanding job, which is consistent with his work here ever since.  There are many titles besides "Mr. Reliable" that we could give Colby, but the one that stands out would have to be the "mother-hen" of the patients at the clinic.  He devotes an inordinate amount of time tending to their needs both physically and emotionally.  Patients, clients and staff are fortunate he is here for he is always willing to lend a helping hand.

In addition to his exceptional skills as a technician, Colby is one of those individuals with a "quick wit" which leaves the staff laughing and often improves the clinic atmosphere.  Colby lives in Marlborough with his 6 spoiled cats.  Outside of work and family he enjoys kayaking and fishing.

Colby Fichtel, a technician at Compassion Veterinary Clinic, is shown with his cat, Gato.


Lisa Padula, a technician at Compassion Veterinary Clinic, reading to a boarding cat.


Lisa Padula

Lisa initially started at Compassion Veterinary Clinic as a volunteer in June 1998 and became a part time employee 3 months later.

Often referred to as the "cat psychologist" of the clinic, Lisa posseses exceptional knowledge of cat behavior, much of which she has acquired through personal experience and ambition.  Lisa has rescued and cared for feral cats most of her life and continually works towards her dream of sheltering exotic cats. 

Although Lisa loves all animals, she is a cat person through and through.  She lives in Marlborough with her husband Paul, and their six previously feral cats who could not have found a more wonderful place to live.

Lisa belongs to the FCF (Feline Conservation Federation)




Brittney Appleyard

Brittney became a member of our staff in the fall of 2010.  Although she came with some experience, we were impressed with how quick she was to prove herself and she did it well.  Her thoroughness is an asset and she often surprises us by pointing out certain details we may have overlooked.  Animals are very comfortable with her as she is with them.  She has become a very welcome part of our team.  Her primary role here is as a veterinary technician, however she graciously helps as a receptionist when needed,

Brittney shares her time with family and friends, 2 cats, and a ferret.


Rachel Crittendon

Rachel started at Compassion when she was in High School as a volunteer and became an official part-time member of our staff in 2011.  Her fast learning ability, amiable nature and eagerness to assist helped our decision to hire her and we are sure it was a good one. She has a way with animals which is evident by watching the actions of Flipper, our resident cat, who practically leaps in her arms to be loved when she arrives.  

Rachel volunteers with her family for Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson (CaRMaH)) by fostering cats awaiting adoption, as well as spending time with her own cats.  She currently attends Bryn Mawr College and hopes to eventually become a veterinarian. We have no doubt she will achieve that goal.