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Meet the friendly staff at Compassion Veterinary Clinic!

Resident Cat and Helper

In 2001, a stray kitten, approximately 11 weeks old, was brought to Compassion Veterinary Clinic by a concerned client. His tail was badly injured and required amputation. The remaining tail and its expressive movement earned him the name, Flipper.

Flipper is a true 'scaredy cat' and is afraid of loud noises and strange places. He is also the darling of the clinic, for he lives to be held and treated like a baby. He often hides during the day in cabinets and closets and comes out when the coast is clear. He spends his evenings with our other resident cat, Pong, with whom he has a close attachment. His housekeeping abilities are nothing to brag about, but he is good-natured enough to allow the staff to use him when instructing clients about cat care.