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  • Meghan Aucoin
    Housekeeping Supervisor

    Added to our staff in November 2010, Meghan is indispensible. She has a keen eye for detail and a skill for organizing and removing clutter that tends to build with a mind of its own. Pets recognize her as an animal lover and are very comfortable around her. She can often be heard talking to the boarders and it almost sounds as if they are talking back. Always willing to give a helping hand when needed, Meghan is very much appreciated by all the staff.

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  • Flipper
    Resident Cat and Helper

    In 2001, a stray kitten, approximately 11 weeks old, was brought to Compassion Veterinary Clinic by a concerned client. His tail was badly injured and required amputation. The remaining tail and its expressive movement earned him the name, Flipper.

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