Rachel V

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Rachel V

Rachel joined our team during the height of the pandemic in 2020.  Like most veterinary hospitals at this time, we were understaffed and overwhelmed with the increase of new pets/clients, so Rachel was a very welcome addition!  We were quickly impressed and thankful for her remarkable ability to learn the job and help in any way she could.  Her positive attitude and sense of humor put our patients and staff at ease.  When we were about to pull our hair out, she was quick to get a laugh out of all of us with a snarky comment and revealing smile.

We really didn't get a chance to know Rachel until after things calmed down a bit.  Although slightly reserved, her hard work and dedication are truly impressive.  After two years of working with her, we have learned much more.  She has an extensive past of taking in/caring for pets in need...of all species!  She is currently the proud owner of an assortment of animals; 120 lb dog named Oogie, Coconut, the kitten, Sansa and Skeeter, the bearded dragons, and Morty, the Mouse.  She is a real sucker for bully breeds and anything with a squishy face, but loves all species with 'four legs or less'.  She is also an exceptional artist and has spent several of her early years bartending.  With a fearless ability to help terrified animals, she takes pure joy in the knowledge that she has helped ease their struggle.

Despite being somewhat new to the veterinary world, Rachel has managed to exceed our expectations and teach us all a few things along the way.  She was truly made for this line of work and we're so lucky that she landed with us!

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